Thursday, June 1, 2023

All in one PC rebuild

 HP All-in-one had broken screen, but this salvaged LCD Works.  It was a touch screen, but now it will just be a plain non-touch panel. Making it fit is going to be the main challenge. The system is functional, but the platter hard drive was replaced with a 1Tb SSD.

Testing a salvaged LCD Panel,
Miraculously compatible cables!

Do not accidently mount the screen upside-down.

3D Printed structural non-solid

The LCD will be mounted to a wood back panel, that fits inside the computer where the old touch screen was seated. It just needs some spacers for the cables. For this, some non-solid spacers were 3d printed and fixed on the back, then mounted on the wood panel. This just might work.

Spacers ready to mount
Project in progress...

Inside view: small hole cut for video power access.
SSD dropped into place. Such a tiny motherboard.

Next Steps:

1. mount screen
2. measure and design side brackets
3. drill case edges to line up with the screen mounts\
4. work the cables into place and plug in.
5. screw mount screen and figure out final trim for screen.

Once the spacers are mounted to the panel and ready to install, a few more 3d printed brackets will be required. The LCD has screw holes on the sides which can be used to mount into the plastic edges of the case, where new mounting holes can be drilled. The 3d printed brackets will go along the sides of the screen with screws to enable removal and maintenance.

There are holes to allow the video and power cabling to go through, but the next challenge will be to wrangle the stiff video cable in a way that will not kink or obstruct the components.

When everything is mounted and plugged in, there is a bezel from the salvage LCD that may be able to be used to give it a cleaner look instead of bare metal around the edges. it may not work without modification, due to the (pending, 3d printed) mounting brackets.

cables connected ok, and LCD dropped into place.
from here we can see the webcam being obstructed.

all in one with extra large screen

the bezel still fits nicely.

An unforeseen issue is the popup webcam on the top. it cannot see over the larger screen. The cam can be detached and remounted on the new screen.

1. installing windows
2. updates and drivers
3. attempt webcam modifications
4. prepare screw fixture plan and secure the new screen assembly.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Music Streaming


Some sound projects have been mastered, and are starting to make it to streaming platforms. Check it out. See how loud I was able to make it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

New Designs for Prints and Products.

Artworks that I have created, are now starting to be available as prints and home décor items. Take a moment to check out what designs are now in store. I am looking through the archives and adjusting them for the Society 6 Shop. More to come...

 Blendr at Society 6

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Dig Site Props

A series of props based on items at an archeological dig site. Work in progress...

Next: Sifting table, dinosaur bone, various unique rocks and gems. (other types of brushes, dirt masks for bucket and other items.)

Dig Site Props

Small Props


Wheelbarrow material mask

Monday, June 20, 2022

Multi Seamless Textures: Sample Pack 1

 A texture pack created from sampled photos. The result of photographing, editing to remove repeating seams, and testing in Blender. The aim is to improve the process and quality to bring more realism into 3d renderings. These textures may help to prototype and blend materials for modeling.

Next: develop a texture demo scene using this pack.

Seamless Texture Pack 01: Visit Gum Road

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Stairway Railing - Seamless textures

Modular stairwell, railing system. Built in blender. Work in progress.

Various railing segments based on some industrial photo reference. Most important, is segment size, and origin location so the pieces snap together without gaps. After testing, it becomes apparent that more segment sizes are needed for more flexibility. 

Various section sizes and bend types, conforming to metric grid.

Bright Orange Light Scheme

Single Spotlight scene

camera depth of field

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Modular Pipe System

3d modular pipe system. Created in Blender, imported in Unreal Engine.

Seamless textures applied

Various segments, bends, couplers,
and 3 kinds of valves

plain detail shading