Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Bitwig Presets

Bitwig Studio has been great fun for experimenting with sounds, effects and compositions. Linked here are some preset I've been working on.

Bitwig Shared Presets
  • Roomspace: A quick way to add some extra dimension. There are macros that control the different reverb effects. Starts out very small and can expand to give long decay times.
  • Tape Effects: An effects chain with some tape distortion controls like frequency flutter, bass saturation, coloration, and pitch warbling.
  • Petrol ChirPurr Bass: Grid instrument inspired by a cool bass sound from a classic drum and bass track. Maybe you'll recognize it.
  • 3 Grid Bass Drums: some trials making bass drum sounds with sine waves and envelopes in the grid.
  • A few Gen-Percussion: Clap, Bass, Hi-hat.
  • Grid ocean waves: Shaped noise source trying to simulate a continuous seashore sound.
I'll try to add more here as I get them organized.

Let's see if sharing some of these instrument presets works:
  • Frozen Lands: Instrument layer with some tremolos, scratchy violin sound, and air synth.
  • Saxxo: Soft saxy type instrument with only one looped sample.
  • Brass Section: a pretty nice layered group of trombones, solo trumpet, and horns.
  • Symbiosis: Large dark layered synth chord that descends on release. Scifi sound.
  • Rough Industrial: Harsh technological synth. Representing a scifi world.
  • Industrial Ambiance: Reverberated scraping. Background industrial atmosphere.
  • Concertmate 360: Realistic brand (Radioshack)Toy keyboard. This instrument selector contains all the patches recorded from it; excluding the rhythms.
  • Korg Poly-800: Multisampled vintage synth.
  • Yamaha SHS-10: Multisampled vintage synth. Missing a few patches will update later.
  • Roland XP-50: Coming soon. A lot of sampling completed organizing into a selector.
  • Alpine Tremolo Violin: Samples adapted to Bitwig from The Alpine Project. Very nice samples. I've been trying to incorporate some of them into working sets for Bitwig.
  • Taped Flute: A nice flute sample run through a crappy micro-cassette recorder.
  • Bassoon Sustain: Basic multisample bassoon from the Sonatina library.
  • Oboes Sustain: Multisample from free orchestra.

Inspired by Alien 3: (a few sounds from freesound.org, many others from the free orchestras)
Beckoning sounds: (like in games where an object is nearby and needs to be located) Layers can be adjusted to get the right balance of different sounds.

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