Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Roland XP-50 Sample Pack

Roland XP-50 Samples

A workstation keyboard from the 90s. It has a unique sound that might work well in different situations. Drum kits coming soon.

The samples are recorded and named, but not adjusted in any way yet. I'd like to normalize each one so the creation of a sampler instrument will be easier.

There are dry recording of the raw samples for the General Midi patches. Also the same set of sounds with the default FX enabled. I think that includes a bit of chorus and reverb.
The FX ones are in FLAC format.
The dry samples are WAV.

Soon I'll get the drum kits up here. I've got about 90% of them recorded and organized.
Also included is a bunch of presets for Reaper ReaSamplomatic 5000. Layed out in a pretty basic manner, most sound ok. The pianos did not map very well.

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