Monday, May 18, 2020

TX16Wx Sampler Programs

I've been working on learning about the free sampler plugin from CWITEC, "TX16Wx". It's a free VSTi plugin sampler that is very advanced. Similar to Kontakt in function, but has an open structure based on XML format.

In the shared folder below are programs developed to play with samples using the Tx16Wx sampler. You don't have to own the professional version to play the sounds, but they were created with the pro version. The only difference is a few advanced functions, like embedded fx and group matrix. configurations.

As far as I know, the free version also allows the use of sample-free instruments, using only generative oscillators like sine, triangle, saw, etc...

Download and try the sampler. It's great for putting together instruments for Reaper that anyone can work with. There are some usability inefficiencies that could be addressed, but the tool-set is very complete, and well documented.

Programs for use with the Alpine Collection samples.
They already have a representation in Kontakt, but I wanted to make some of the instruments to learn and practice using the TX16Wx sampler.

TX16Wx Alpine Programs:
So far the following instruments have been configured:

  • Viola
  • Non-vibrato, Tremolo

Put the files in the instrument folder, just above the "samples" folder for the instrument defined in the filename.

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