Friday, December 4, 2020

Sounds Inspired by Arrival: Sample pack & Bitwig presets

Sounds Inspired by "Arrival, 2016" (originally designed by Jóhann Jóhannsson)
This project is a learning exercise, to develop deep listening and sound construction methods, based on films. A work in progress that could be updated with more content.
Sample Pack:

Samples of the instrument playback in WAV format.

Bitwig Presets:

Download: Aura Piano 
Mysterious and swirling mix of piano octaves in a looping drone.

Download: Aura Piano 2
Alternate version that sounds more accurate; Used the Bluthner samples for a cleaner sound.

Download: Eerie Moan
Surreal, filtered, wind moan with some reverb. Sampled Alesis shakuhachi.

Download: FM Emergency Vehicle Sirens
Instrument selector with various siren sounds
EMS Demo

FX Chain: CB RadioType 1
FX Chain: CB Radio Type 2

Gives dialog a squashed radio or walkie-talkie effect

FM Subsonic Rumble
Deep rumbling noise made in FM. Filtered to a very low tone.

Download: FM Helicopter
Helicopter Landing Whistle
Helicopter made in FM, with noise filter and triangle LFO. Freq shifter gives it movement.

Demo Sequence:

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