Saturday, April 24, 2021

Virtual Art Gallery: Props and Pawns

 Details about the functionality:

The player pawn is for walking around and looking at things. It contains actions for moving forwards backwards and sideways using the keyboard, and looking around with mouse.

The pawn is set up as a "character" with character movement. There is a spring arm with camera, but currently the distance is zero, so it functions as a first person view. I also added some optional actions for mouse right click to zoom in, and left shift crouches down and back up; both using a timeline.

I decided to try using a "cinematic camera" for the player view, and see what features make it unique. It has lots of settings to tweak the image quality, lenses, and focus. In this case I made a simple autofocus for fading things that are outside the center area. 

Autofocus triggers on the tick, set at 1 second intervals

There are posed people set up around for scale and atmosphere, but they can be an obstruction. To resolve this, I built a blueprint that can fade the people in or out when the player is near.

blueprint with capsule collision. material instance parameter
faded in and out with a timeline.

Dither fade and remove collision when overlapped

added dither parameter to master material

Herman Miller inspired bent plywood desk

Work desk inspired by Herman Miller vintage office

Small workspace

Modular sofa set. showing detailed fabric material

master material: Reused the canvas pattern and normal maps.
starts with a color, blends with pattern, mixes in 2 bump textures.

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