Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Toy tractor paint aging

Started with this 1:50 scale diecast, John Deere 744H front loader from around 2002 (Ertl 5085). Not as believable with perfectly even shiny paint, and not a speck of dirt on it. The texturing process will use acrylic craft paint, this way it could be applied and removed, if desired, without damaging the original model.

Aged using matte acrylic craft paint. Bucket with Semple black. entire body was repainted with matte yellow and aged through various wash layering passes. then edge highlights with silver metallic.

tires fully painted with matte black, washed and dusted with sifted concrete. 
(wheel rims not yet completed.)

layering of paint for mud, rust, dust, occlusion, paint fading, & metallic abrasions.

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