Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Modular Building

 This 3d modular set based on photos of a historical building established in 1872 as a hotel in Schoolcraft, Michigan. It was turned into a bar and apartments at some point and has been known as "Buds Bar" ever since I have known about it.

This set started with my interest in the amazing colorful peeling brick texture. 

Peeling brick surface.

After researching a bit, it seems this structure had an upper floor and peaked roof with tower. I decided to map out the original construction in this set.

Photo with original façade and upper floor

Historical Illustration

Current building, Mapping out module sizes. 

The stitched photo shows repeating elements that will be needed. Sizes are adapted to a metric grid so it is easy to assemble by using grid snap.

Modules Assembled

Modules assembled, temp textures

-finish balcony railing
-final texture assembly from photos

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